Just The Facts, Man

Zizi’s¬†Diagnoses/ Deficits:

Mixed Receptive/Expressive Language Disorder

Sensory Integration Deficits

Vestibular processing and modulation Deficits

Motor Planning and Coordination Deficits

Self Help Skill Deficits

Auditory Processing Deficits

Fine Motor Delays

Gross Motor Delays

Visual Perceptual and perceptual motor skills Deficits

Severe Motor Planning Deficit

Minimal Midline Crossing

Behavioral Dysfunction


Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Articulation Disorder

Visual Deficiencies: ocular motility, rapid naming, visual attention, speed of visual processing and reading fluency

DELETION of a 481kb region within chromosome 16q24.2
DELETION of a 170kb region within chromosome Xp21.1



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